CodeShastra 5.0



About Codeshastra 5.0!

DJCSI, the official CSI student chapter of D. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering presents the fifth installment of
its flagship event, CodeShastra - A 24 hour hackathon.

CodeShastra is one of the oldest and most reputed hackathons organised in Mumbai with a footfall of more than 400 aspiring programmers from numerous colleges across the city, in teams of 2 to 4 each.

CodeShastra 5.0 is all set to be conducted on 2nd-3rd March 2019 and the theme this year will be FinTech (Financial Technology).

With years of experience and a will to ignite a passion for technology among students, along with a unique and upcoming theme for this year’s event, DJCSI is all set to elevate the CodeShastra name to a new era of prominence.

Date : 2nd & 3rd March, 2019.

Venue : Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College Of Engineering




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Codeshastra 5.0 Round 1 Timeline

28 February

12:00 pm Release of problem statements.

Day 1
2 March

12:00 pm Reporting time.
12:30 pm Inaugaration of Codeshastra 5.0.
1:00 pm Orientation for Codeshastra.
2:00 pm 24 hours coding starts.
8:00 pm Dinner.

Day 2
3 March

7:30 am Breakfast.
12:00 pm Lunch.
1:00 pm Elimination round begins.
2:00 pm End of coding.
2:30 pm End of elimination round.
3:00 pm Judging and presentation of shortlisted teams.
5:30 pm Prize distribution.


  • What is Hackathon?

    A hackathon is an event where in participating teams are provided different real-life problems and they have to design a technological solution to anyone of the problems given in the given time limit. The final product developed should be usable in real life.

  • What are problem statements and prizes for Hackathon?

    Cash Prize : Winners - 15K 1st Runner Ups - 10K 2nd Runner Ups - 5K The problem statements will be declared soon. On registering you will be updated with all the details.

  • How to I register for Codeshastra?

    All team members need to register here. Deadline for the same is 28 feb

  • How should we for team?

    Each team should comprise of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 members including the team leader. Team members can be from different colleges.

  • What if I’ve never been in an hackathon before?

    CodeShastra aims to give beginners a headstart by providing them mentors who are from the industry to guide them. So that they can learn while brainstorming ideas. So, first timers don't have to worry as their lack of experience won't be an issue in their road to victory. Plus, there is always a first time for everything! We promise you a fun and fruitful experience.

  • What is selection criteria?

    Evaluation criteria will include novelty of the idea, complexity, clarity, feasibility, practicability, sustainability, scale of impact, user experience and potential for future work progression.

  • What will be provided during hackathon?

    Food, water and refreshments, prizes, internship opportunities, A/C rooms.

  • What should I bring?

    Participants are required to get their own laptops with all the necessary softwares installed, chargers, student ID and can get a change of clothes, pillow and blankets as per their convenience.

  • What should I not bring?

    Weapons, drugs, alcohol of any kind is not permitted.

  • Which technologies should I use?

    Participants can use any technologies as long as its open source. Intellectual Property (IP) of the idea belongs to the team members and their college/institution.

  • Can I code before coming to hackathon?

    You can come prepared with half baked codes, write your own APIs and modules.